Betaland Casino is a gambling establishment in the city of Betaland, Finland.

Testimonial for Betaland Casino

If you want to try your hand at earning some big money at an Italian online casino, Betaland is the place to go. And we’re not talking about the dough for pizza here. We’re talking about money here. They put enjoyment first, or at least that’s what their slogan would have us think.

If you are not a native Italian speaker, the first thing you will notice about the website is that it is entirely in the country’s original language. This is a good thing. So, unless you’ve taken some Italian lessons over the holidays or taken an Italian class at school, you’ll need to use your web browser’s translate function. This isn’t a comprehensive solution, and while it does allow you to get familiar with the site and discover what you’re looking for, the process is a bit longer than if you were playing at a casino in your native language.

When it comes to customer service, however, there isn’t a problem since they are more than ready to communicate with you in English. And if you don’t know how to communicate in English… After all, you’re not likely to be reading this anyhow.

A Laugh-Inducing Webpage

Design-wise, this is a bright and cheerful site. And, thanks to the software offered by the high-tech NetEnt, you can be certain that you’re in good hands when it comes to visuals, game quality, and site design. Because of the video sequences, you’ll need to download the Flash player, but everything will run as smoothly as you’d expect from a NetEnt casino, whether you’re using a desktop computer or a portable smart device.

There are a variety of sports available at this bookmaker. These include soccer, tennis, American sports (basketball, ice hockey, handball, rugby, volleyball, cycling), cricket (curling), darts (floorball), golf (water polo), winter sports (skiing, snowboarding), aussie rules (table tennis, bandy, and snooker), and rugby union (rugby union). So you may sign up and log in to play some table games, video slots, or sports betting chances, all of which have the potential to earn you some big money.

Bonuses available in Betaland

Up until recently, Betaland has come under criticism for not offering prizes to users, particularly welcome bonuses to entice newcomers to the game. As a well-known brand in its home county, with a large number of brick-and-mortar betting shops, it may have assumed that its good name meant it didn’t need to provide a metaphorical carrot to entice new customers. However, in an increasingly competitive industry where international casinos serve to players from all over the globe, a site that caters to a relatively small geographical niche must demonstrate its worth – and they have done so.

Some promotions will be available for a short time period, while the major event will be themed on sports, which is not unexpected considering the casino’s concentration on sports. This is based on several wagers and may result in bonus cash worth up to 130 percent of the total stake. In order to get started, just add at least 5 bets to your voucher – but 30 bets will be required in order to get the most of the deal. For the time being, that’s all there is to it in terms of bonuses (in the words of Looney Tunes). However, keep your eyes open since there will undoubtedly be additional seasonal bargains that appear from time to time in the future.

Slots are available at your discretion.

So far, we’ve heard a lot about sports, but what about slots, you ask? I can hear you sobbing. As you’d expect from a NetEnt casino, there are a plethora of NetEnt titles available, as well as titles from other producers like as Cayetano Gaming, on the menu. All of the main subjects are represented as well, including perennial favorites such as the wild west and ancient Egypt (or you could opt for the ubiquitous Gladiator video slot – because when in Rome…).

Searching for games may be accomplished via the use of the search bar or by refining the search results using the menus. It doesn’t say much about the games, other than to say that you can play casino games or casino classics or sports bets or play poker or bingo or play skill games or fantasport (nothing to do with the sweet orange fizzy drink). If you are not a lover of slots or sports, there are a variety of table games to pick from, both live and virtual, that you may play.

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